Customer Specialist Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Customer Specialist Duties

The customer service specialist is the communications channel between a company and its customers. The customer service specialist provides a broad scope of support for products and services, such as order requests and usage instructions to the customers. A customer specialist proves efficiency in handling customer relations and their solutions regarding various aspects of life. Customer support specialists provide service or product information, solutions and relevant details to customers.

Customer Specialist Job Duties

  • Responsible for ensuring prompt delivery of products and services to the customers.
  • Responsible for preparing reports, managing records. Solved clients’ queries effectively.
  • With my effective problem solving skills and judgments, solved and recommended suggestions on complex customer problems.
  • Processed services to the customer at home bound facilities and also in call orders.
  • Solved queries and problems of customers and recommended solutions.
  • Handled both domestic and international calling services and promoted facilities accordingly.
  • Provided product knowledge relating to the customers’ requirements.
  • Assisted clients with their respective account information and regular updates.
  • Provided solutions and products as per asked.
  • Conducted researched on required product and services regarding unavailable information.
  • Regularly conducted customer surveys to access our services.
  • Conducted both accounting as well as call duties to ensure good customer satisfaction.
  • Handled customer relations with the product companies.
  • Maintained good standard of work excellence.

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