Customer Service Supervisor Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Customer Service Supervisor Job Duties include assisting the customers in fulfilling their requirements. A customer service supervisor handles a team of customer service agents who are involved in answering customer queries and resolving their complaints. In order to get into this position one must have good leadership qualities and thorough knowledge about the products and services the firm is dealing with.

Customer Service Supervisor Job Duties

  • A Customer Service Supervisor basically supervises the customer service executives. He instructs them about work and assists them in performing their tasks as and when required.
  • In many cases, he is required to coordinate with the other departments in order to resolve the customer complaints.
  • He plans work schedules for his team members and ensures that they adhere to it.
  • A Customer Service Supervisor is required to review the work of each of his team member and give them feedback on the same.
  • He is required to evaluate their performances and rate them accordingly.
  • A Customer Service Supervisor also provides product training to customer service agents.
  • He may also help the customer service agents brush up their soft skills and share ways to handle the customers tactfully.
  • He may even be involved in the hiring process.
  • A Customer Service Supervisor must work in accordance with the set guidelines and also ensure that his team members follow the same.
  • He needs to prepare reports on the performance of the customer service agents.
  • He is also required to maintain a record of the interactions done with various customers.

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