Customer Service Manager Telecom Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Customer Service Manager Telecom Duties

The main job duty of the Customer Service Manager (CSM) is accurate and timely execution of the primary customer service activities listed below and for general sales support activities that permit the sales teams to grow and scale up the business volume. The CSM is the customer’s liaison with the company and can be considered to be their advocate.

Job Duties of Customer Service Manager Telecom

  • He will have to do the booking within 24 Hours from the receipt of complete booking package.
  • It is his important job duty to review the booking packages for completeness and accuracy.
  • He must ensure that the data is accurately entered and reflected in the sales database of the company.
  • He will have to see that all orders are booked accurately and distribute the booking notifications to appropriate personnel within the company.
  • He is expected to provide Service Delivery with unique instructions regarding booking packages.
  • He must maintain the customer contracts database.
  • He will have to review the orders as they are completed by service delivery and send through the company billing system.
  • He will not only review the customers’ bills for accuracy, but also identify manually the billing items and work with Finance to ensure billed accurately and timely.

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