Customer Service Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

The customer service field, as the name suggests is related to providing services and satisfaction to the customer. The customer service as is applicable in every field of work as every job offers service to the customers. The customer service is aimed at providing excellent customer satisfaction and benefit to them.

The customer service manager is a person who supervises and manages the customer services and jobs. He is to look after the working of the customer service providers and set targets for them. He ensures good satisfaction and benefits to the customers. The customer service manager recruits and trains customer service professionals for different customer related jobs and evaluates their work.

The customer specialist on the other hand promotes communication between the customers and the different companies. He is the communication channel between the assigned company and its customers. The customer specialist provides information to the customer regarding the products, services and other offers and benefits from the company. He also communicates with the customers to resolve their queries and provide solutions. They update the customers regarding new offers, benefits and bonus packages to them.The customer service applicant requires excellent inter personal communication skills and capabilities to negotiate and communicate.

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