Customer Service Executive Job Duties include dealing with the customers and handling all their queries, complaints and requests. In order to get into this position one needs to have good communication skills as these are very essential to handle the customers. One must also be thorough with the details about the products and services he is dealing with.

Customer Service Executive Job Duties

  • A Customer Service Executive is required to understand the various issues being faced by the customers and help in resolving them.
  • He must find out as to why a particular problem has occurred and ensure that it does not occur in future.
  • A Customer Service Executive is required to deal with the customers in a very polite manner.
  • He needs to communicate with the customers via different modes including telephone, email and chat. A Customer Service Executive may also handle the customers face to face.
  • He may be required to pacify irate customers, identify the actual cause of their complaint and rectify it.
  • A Customer Service Executive needs to take down requests of the customers and get them processed.
  • He is required to have complete knowledge about the product and be ready to answer to customers queries at all times.
  • He may also be required to prepare feedback procedures for the customers.
  • A Customer Service Executive may even be expected to contact the customer and find out if he is satisfied with the services being provided by his firm.
  • He must adhere to the company’s norms while dealing with the customers.

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