Customer Service Cashier Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Customer Service Cashier Job Duties include collecting payments from the customers and maintain the record of the money collected. The payment may be received in cash, via cheque, credit cards, debit cards and various other sources. A person with accounts background is preferred for this post. Employers also look for candidates with prior experience in this field.

Customer Service Cashier Job Duties

  • Customer Service Cashiers are required to collect payments from his clients via cheques, demand draft, credit cards, debit cards, cash etc.
  • They need to ensure that the correct amount is redeemed against various products and services
  • They are required to document the payments received mentioning all the details including the product for which the payment has been received, the mode of payment, payment date, etc.
  • Customer Service Cashiers must ensure that they issue payment receipts to the customers
  • They also need to deal with the refund procedures, if any.
  • They must ensure that they count the cash at the time of accepting the payment. Similarly they must have a look at the amount filled in the cheques and ensure that the correct amount is entered while accepting money from other sources as well.
  • Customer Service Cashiers are required to deal politely with the customers
  • They must maintain a record of the payments that are yet to be received and the ones that have already been received.
  • Customer Service Cashiers need to maintain the balance sheet of the company.
  • They are required to handle the customer’s complaints regarding any payment related issue.
  • They must also clarify customer’s doubts regarding any payment issue.

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