Customer Service Associate Job Duties

By | August 7, 2010

Customer Service Associate Duties

The main job duty of a customer service associate is to offer service to the customer over the phone and try to solve the problems of the customer with utmost sincerity. He must take a proactive initiative to gain knowledge and experience in solving customer problems and see that his level of service exceeds the expectation level of the customer.

Job Duties of a Customer Service Associate

  • Your main job duty will be to answer calls from the customers and quickly assess their need and try to provide solutions to their problems and grievances.
  • You must have adequate knowledge about the products of the company and while receiving the phone calls, you will have to explain the product and service knowledge to the customers and see that they get satisfied after talking to you.
  • It will also be your duty to keep the customers informed about the status of the order and reconcile the errors in a cost effective manner and also do necessary follow ups to ensure that all needs of the customer are fulfilled.
  • It will also be your duty to see that the satisfied customers come back to the company for getting repeat business. You will have to act as a liaison with the between the manufacturer and the customer and also between the customer and the freight carrier.

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