Customer Service Advisor Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Customer Service Advisor Job Duties include handling client communications. They are required to deal with the prospective as well as the existing customers. Customer Service Advisors are expected to generate revenue by enhancing the company’s sales. One must possess good inter-personal and communication skills in order to get into this position.

Customer Service Advisor Job Duties

  • A Customer Service Advisor is expected to provide information to the customers regarding the various products and services being offered by his company.
  • He needs to understand the customer’s requirement and advice him as to which products and services would suit him the best.
  • He must also understand the customer’s budget and suggest him stuff accordingly.
  • A Customer Service Advisor needs to answer all the queries of the customers.
  • He is required to have knowledge about the products and services being offered by his company as well as those of his competitors in order to give proper advice to the customers.
  • He must work in accordance with the norms set by the company.
  • A Customer Service Advisor is required to update and maintain the client accounts.
  • He is also required to document all the interactions he has with different clients. This may be required for future reference.
  • He is expected to achieve certain sales targets set by the company. Thus he is required to be skilled in persuading the customers to purchase his company’s products and services.
  • A Customer Service Advisor may meet a customer face to face while dealing with him or may even correspond with him over the phone or via email.


Customer Service Job Responsibilities

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