Criminal Lawyer Job Duties

By | March 26, 2013

A criminal lawyer is someone who is appointed to defend individuals, companies or organizations that have been charged with crimes. Criminal lawyers handle various types of cases relating to matters such as murders, theft, domestic violence, sexual harassments, rape etc.

Their job is to investigate and interview the accused and the witnesses, research case law, and prepare arguments. They need to study the case in detail, develop a case strategy and build a defense. Criminal lawyers try their best to reduce the charges that have been on their clients. Criminal lawyers are required to do all the paperwork related to the case.

Criminal lawyers should have in depth knowledge of legal codes, federal & state laws and should be acquainted with the criminal justice system. They should have good written and oral communication skills. They are required to have good analytical skills.

Criminal Lawyer Job Duties

  • Criminal lawyers are responsible for defending an individuals or organization charged with a crime.
  • Criminal lawyers specialize in cases like rape, murders, theft, violence etc.
  • Criminal lawyers are responsible for conducting research and obtaining detailed information regarding the case.
  • They are responsible for interrogating police officers, eye witnesses and other individuals related to the case
  • Criminal lawyers need to prepare arguments and evidences to be produced at the court.
  • Criminal lawyers are responsible for making their clients understand laws related to the case and educate them about the legal proceedings.
  • Criminal lawyers are required to store important information related to the case carefully so that confidentiality and security is ensured.
  • Criminal lawyers are required to prepare legal documents like contracts, pleadings, appeals, legal memoranda etc.
  • Criminal lawyers are responsible for validating the information obtained from various resources.
  • Criminal lawyers need to frequently travel.


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