Credit Specialist Job Duties

By | August 30, 2012

Credit specialist job duties include preparing new financial programs for the organization and improvising the existing ones after going through them. These professionals are mostly employed at financial institutions and require handling a number of other tasks which are mentioned below in detail. It is recommended to go for a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance in order to get into this position.

A candidate having a master’s degree in business administration specializing in the field of finance has an edge over the others. It is also essential to have some amount of relevant work experience to become a credit specialist.

Credit Specialist Job Duties

  • Credit Specialist is required to work in association with the members from the accounts/ finance department in order to carry out various assigned tasks.
  • Credit Specialist needs to develop new financial programs for the organization as well as the clients after understanding the requirement.
  • Credit Specialist needs to review the existing credit processes and programs and work upon improvising them for the benefit of the clients.
  • Credit Specialist needs to work in association with the credit and risk management staff.
  • Credit Specialist is required to review the money lending procedures of the bank/ financial institutions they are employed at.
  • Credit Specialist needs to deliver training programs on lending methods.
  • Credit Specialist is required to implement process modifications and bring in new and improved systems for lending money.
  • Credit Specialist may be required to deal directly with the clients and provide them information related to the credit policies of their bank/ financial institution.
  • Credit Specialist is involved in preparing lending strategies.
  • Credit Specialist needs to stay updated with the information related to the organization’s credit policies and procedures and work accordingly.
  • Credit Specialist is required to do credit portfolio management.
  • Credit Specialist needs to prepare credit reports after studying the available data.

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