Credit Manager Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Credit Manager Duties

A credit manager is a person who manages credit accounts and issues as well as providing credit information to the clients. As we know, credit means cash, so the credit manager has to handle cash. The credit manager handles the credit department of the organization. He advises clients on credit limits, terms of payment and other credit issues. The credit manager is responsible for numerous duties like helping customers in filling out credit forms, taking decisions about credit and recruiting staff for credit management.  The credit manager is required having knowledge on credit issues and also the financial field. The credit manager supervises cash collections and transactions as well as cash deposits and withdrawals. In short, the credit manager deals in credit and cash.

Credit Manager Job Duties

  • Maintaining the cash inflow of the bank and monitored policies and strategies initiating credit issues.
  • Maintained changes in the credit policies for effective implementation.
  • Handled security deposits against credit extended.
  • Recruited employees for cash management.
  • Maintained relations with credit insurance personnel and other financial institutions.
  • Provided customer service sessions and interacted personally.
  • Directed employees regarding credit management and provided training.
  • Maintained optimal sales while maintaining cash flow and credit management.
  • Managed collections for clients and companies relating to the bank.
  • Established and recruited staff for credit collection and deposit maintenance.
  • Prepared credit reports and updated credit information.

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