Court Attorney Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Court Attorney Duties

As a Court attorney, your chief responsibility would be to conduct legal research and offer procedural and substantial advice to the Court Administrator on various legal policies of assigned project matter. Your another job duty is preparing reports in areas like mediator utilization, the court’s Internal Controls pro se prisoner litigation etc.

Job Duties of a Court Attorney

  • You will have to draft the Administrative orders under the guidelines of Court Administrator for assessment of the Chief Judge.
  • You will have to give staff support for the Court and Bar committees as per the direction by the Court Administrator.
  • You will have to provide support, supervise or analyze the Court’s CJA section regarding assessment and handing out of CJA vouchers.
  • You must analyze, and understand the federal law and regulations, the directives of the Administrative office, including the policies, court rules and orders which are affecting the court procedures and Clerk’s Office.
  • Furthermore you need to provide assistance in the improvement of the Federal Rules and local guidelines in cases which are filed with the Court.
  • Keep monitoring and assessing the open and proposed legislation, laws, rules as well as the other regulations to verify the impact on court proceedings or to advise changes to improve Clerk’s Office or Court policies or actions.

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