Court Administrator Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Court Administrator Duties

Being the court administrator, your main job duties will be to execute the non-judicial operations of the Court. The job includes direct supervision of all non-judicial personnel of the court. You will also look after court-related budget management and other related daily administrative affairs.

Job Duties of a Court Administrator

  • You will have to develop long term objectives and goals to improve the operations of the court. Being overall in charge, you will have to identify the needs of the organization and how those needs can be met in order to have a more effective administration of the court.
  • You will have to train and supervise the non-judicial staff who have been recruited. You need to look after the personnel policies of the non-judicial employees, too.
  • You will be responsible for making the annual budget of the court. It includes monitoring the revenues and the expenses and also the capital development budget which are necessary for the long term automation needs of the court.
  • You will have to serve as a representative of the court in non-policy public information programs, including the press releases and any other media events.
  • You will have to plan everyday’s work and give necessary directions to the court employees as necessary.

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