Corporate Security Manager Job Duties

By | July 9, 2013

A corporate security manager is the one who is responsible for identifying and diminishing or managing any such development that may cause harm to the company’s continuance and survival. He is responsible for protecting the company from any threat that may affect the company’s resilience. Given below are few of the tasks that form a part of a corporate security manager’s job duties.

Sample Corporate Security Manager Job Duties

  • A corporate security manager must look after and supervise the coordination of all the functions that may affect the security, safety and continuity of the company.
  • He must develop and try to enforce the policies regarding safety. Hence ensuring a safe environment for all the visitors and employees.
  • He must also assess risk management system of the company.
  • A corporate security manager must supervise to make sure that a company’s policies comply with state, local and federal guidelines provided for the safety, security and emergencies.
  • He needs to be the link between the law enforcers and the company to ensure smooth and effective investigations related to theft, property loss and accidents.
  • He needs to plan, develop and implement plans related to the security and safety of the company.
  • He must design programmes for crisis management, physical security, and incident management and information protection.
  • He must counsel the management on how to protect the assets of the company and the expenditure to be done on protecting the company from serious threat.
  • He must also train, advice and counsel his line of staff on practices and policies related to security.
  • He must also develop, train and implement programs to facilitate security coordination amongst security coordinators.
  • He must also keep himself updated with the latest prevalent industry trends and update the management on threat or risk that could possibly affect the company’s functioning.

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