Corporate Lawyer Job Duties

By | March 27, 2013

A corporate lawyer is responsible for giving legal advices to their clients on their rights, obligations, business laws, tax laws etc. Corporate lawyers are also required to prepare business contracts, managing employee relations, processing company patents. A corporate lawyer needs to have in depth knowledge of law procedures, company law, corporate law, tax and insurance law, licensing etc.

Corporate lawyers need to have excellent written and oral communication skills and should be team workers. They need to ensure that any transaction made within the organization does not conflict with any local, state or federal law. They are required to be very analytical, logical and should have the ability to think strategically as they need to handle complex legal matters.

Corporate Lawyer Job Duties

  • Corporate lawyer need to advice their clients in matters relate to business laws, company laws, enlistments, patents etc.
  • Corporate lawyers need to monitor regular business transaction and make sure they do not go against the corporate law.
  • Corporate lawyers may have to represent their clients in the courtroom if the need arises.
  • Corporate lawyers need to prepare legal documents for their clients.
  • Corporate lawyers are responsible for keeping their clients updated about new business laws and regulations.
  • Corporate lawyers are responsible for keeping their clients out of legal problems, and in case they get involved in a legal issue, it is their duty to guide them efficiently.
  • Corporate lawyers also advice clients on day to day business affairs.
  • Corporate lawyers are responsible for preparing and filing government reports.
  • IT help desk technicians are required to maintain customer database.
  • They are responsible for guiding managers on matters related to compliance and financial regulations.
  • They are responsible for preparing employee contracts and resolving any dispute which arises between management and the employees of an organization.


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