Copy Editor Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Copy Editor Duties

The job duty of Copy editors is to ensure the highest quality of editorial copy in the newspaper. His duty is to see that it should be as clean as possible before the final copy is presented to the editor-in-chief and managing editor. It is the duty of the copy editor to ensure that all stories are error-free before publication of the newspaper.

Job Duties of a Copy Editor

  • You will have to edit all copies for grammar and spelling mistakes and point out the stylistic discrepancies as outlined by the Associated Press Style Guide
  • You may also have to proofread some of the copies as desired by the managing editor.
  • You must have an eye for searching everything in detail as you are required to go through the copies in detail and make the necessary corrections wherever required.
  • You will have to attend the tear-up meetings and participate in the editorial board meetings and give necessary suggestions there on the improvement of the editorial policy as a whole.
  • Your important job duty will be to contribute constructive and helpful criticism to tear-up each week and ensure that readers are enjoying more reading the newspaper or the publication.

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