Contract Manager Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Contract Manager Duties

Being a Contract Manager your job will be to maintain the relationship and contracts among the company and suppliers or vendors such as CROs. The main duty of the Contract Manager is to set up and sustain a stable working relationships or partnerships between the company and chosen suppliers or vendors.

Job Duties of Contract Manager

  • Your job duties include examining the vendor’s or supplier’s capabilities, spotting a group of candidate vendors or suppliers for project completion.
  • You should assist in negotiating the contracts with a best possible combination of price and quality
  • Review the proposed quotations and select the bidders with which the commercial or financial negotiations may be accomplished
  • One of the major duties of yours also includes the setting of target to achieve the desired result in price negotiations
  • The job of a Contract Manager comprises of the financial and contract negotiations at the right management level.
  • To achieve the best possible profitability from a particular project and to safeguard its capacity, you should study and analyze the current economic scenarios in the market.
  • Running the competitive bidding as well as selection procedure.
  • You will have to negotiate the contract terms, pricing and disbursement schedule, ensuring that the contracts with the vendors or suppliers are commercially beneficial.

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