Contract Administrator Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Contract Administrator Job Duties include dealing with the contracts for sale or purchase of equipments and services. Employers seek candidates having a bachelor’s degree and a certification in contract management. The candidate must possess complete knowledge and understanding about the tasks to be performed in order to handle the position efficiently, therefore a person having relevant experience in the field is preferred.

Contract Administrator Job Duties

  • A Contract Administrator needs to direct the tasks related to the contracts for sale and purchase of products and services.
  • He needs to assess the requirement and take and take an estimate of the cost involved in purchasing the material.
  • He is expected to plan the bids as per the specifications given by the senior officials.
  • He uses cost effective means while handling the organization’s requirements.
  • A Contract Administrator is required to understand the details of the service agreements; negotiate and issue these agreements.
  • He coordinates with the purchase department and the legal department to carry out various activities.
  • A Contract Administrator ensures proper risk management so that there is no scope of any loss
  • He understands the company’s policies and procedures and works in accordance with them.
  • He provides inputs to the planning and production teams on the contractual rights so that they take work decisions accordingly
  • A Contract Administrator sees if there is any new contract to be made and works upon initiating it.
  • He looks for the requirement for renewal of contracts and works upon it
  • He keeps a track of the work handled by maintaining reports and other related documents on the same.

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