Contract Administration Job Duties

By | May 28, 2014

Managing the contracts is an important part of any business organisation. Ensuring that every contract is managed properly and that all related tasks are fulfilled implies that other business operations will go on in a timely manner. The contract administration jobs are thus of importance in all businesses.

The job description for the position of the contract administrator will require the individual to carry on all the functions from preparation to implementation/ fulfilment of the contracts. Some of the duties which this administrator must fulfil are listed below.

Contract Administration Job Duties

  • It is the duty of the contract administrator to make proper observations and make record of all the details of the respective contract at hand.
  • The contract administrator has the duty to oversee all the preparation regarding the contracts including all the contracts relating to purchase or sale of goods and services etc.
  • Besides overseeing the preparation of new contracts, the administrator is also required to oversee the revision of any contracts that may be up for revision.
  • The duties of the contract administrator also include managing and implementing the disposal of any property or unclaimed commodity.
  • While preparing a contract the terms and conditions are of utmost importance. It is the duty of the contract administrator to negotiate the terms and conditions as most suitable to the business.
  • The contract administrator is assigned the duty of preparing all the contract briefs and summaries. He/ she are also supposed to revise the briefs/ summaries from time to time.
  • Keeping track of the authorizations regarding the contract implementation and fulfilment while also ensuring that they are sanctioned in time is also included in the duties of the contract administrator.
  • It is included in the duties of the contract administrator to make sure that the contracts prepared as per the requirements are also implemented and all the regulations are complied with.

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