Construction Supervisor Job Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Construction Supervisor’s Duties

A construction supervisor is a person who is required to be in the construction site, oversee the work in progress and perform actions as per the instructions of the Construction Manager. In fact, he plays more or less the same functions of the construction manager by assisting him in arranging documents, meetings and other related jobs.

Job Duties of Construction Supervisors

  • Direct and supervise the workers, obtain all the necessary licenses and permits, evaluating construction methods and determine the cost-effectiveness of each plan.
  • Discuss and explain the contents¬† of contracts, take instructions from clients regarding¬† any revision and put up to the manager for approval, convey the same as well as interpret and explain possibilities or otherwise of the suggested revisions to the clients.
  • Should be adept in the construction techniques, take charge of materials and tools involved in construction of building like roads and highways and repairing thereof.
  • Should keep and maintain records of daily expenditure, materials received and issued and account for any shortage or damage.
  • Should indent cash and initiate payment of wages to the construction workers and account for the same.
  • Must get updated with management policies which should be conveyed to the workers.

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