Construction Superintendent Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Construction Superintendent Duties

Construction Superintendent is the person who is responsible for planning and capable of making coordination of the construction related jobs. His responsibility is to supervise the construction projects and checks the whole budget that it is managed according to the plan. He must be ensure that workers are implementing their work according to plan and it will be completed on time.

Job duties of Construction Superintendent

  • Construction superintendent ensures that both the safety and health projects are being implemented.
  • He takes a close look over the work while being on the site.
  • Ensuring that the budget will be followed according to the purchase and other extra wages.
  • Organize all the workers and checks that they are performing their work properly and according to plan.
  • Takes a general inspection of the work and check all the performances and safety measures.
  • Keep a complete record of the total budget and also have the records of the payments given to the workers.
  • Follow all the project development process to insure that the project will complete on time.
  • Supervise all the subcontractors and ensure that they will deliver the perfect work on time.
  • Writes the project progress report which will help company to track the work.


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