Construction Labourer Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Construction Labourers Job Duties include moping and brushing the surfaces to clean them. They are required to work with various tools to accomplish their tasks. In order to get into this position one must have a thorough knowledge about the construction work. Most employers provide training to the construction labourers after hiring them for the job.

Construction Labourers Job Duties

  • Construction Labourers paint and spread cleaning solutions on the floor surfaces. This is done to make the surface look clean and tidy.
  • They are required to operate jackhammers and work with drilling machines in order to break or insert hole in the walls, doors or windows.
  • They handle stone works to construct buildings and other edifices
  • Construction Labourers position the structural components like concrete wall sections, pipelines, etc.
  • They are involved in aligning and sealing various structural components
  • They need to mix cement and other construction material for building structures
  • Construction Labourers work under the supervision of building contractors and are required to follow their instructions
  • They are required to operate the machinery used for construction work. They must have knowledge about adjusting and aligning this machinery and other equipments used for construction work
  • They need to smoothen and finish the cement on the wall and other parts of the building with the use of finishing tools
  • Construction Labourers are required to spray water and sand on the constructions. They are also involved in painting the structures.
  • They need to maintain the machinery and equipments by cleaning and lubricating them from time to time.

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