Construction Laborer Job Duties

By | August 30, 2012

The tasks assigned to a construction laborer involve a lot of physical labor. Construction laborer job duties include mixing cement, spreading paint, joining fixtures and other structural components, working with different construction tools, etc. It is essential to have proper knowledge about various paints, cements and other solutions.

One must also have a good knowledge of using various construction equipments in order to become a construction laborer. There is no specific degree course that one needs to undergo however, attaining a relevant training on the same helps in handling the assigned tasks well.

Construction Laborer Job Duties

  • Construction Laborer is required to take instructions from the construction supervisor and work accordingly.
  • Construction Laborer needs to mix the cement and other construction material and apply it to build the structures.
  • Construction Laborer is required to mop the construction site and the areas surrounding it after the day’s work in order to clear the unwanted material.
  • Construction Laborer needs to spread paints on the walls, roofs, doors and windows of the building structure.
  • Construction Laborer may be required to mix the paints in order to adjust their shades as per the client’s choice.
  • Construction Laborer needs to apply cleaning solutions to different structures and fixtures in order to clean them.
  • Construction Laborer is required to work with various construction equipments.
  • Construction Laborer needs to clean construction equipments after use in order to ensure their maintenance.
  • Construction Laborer needs to lubricate the construction tools and machinery from time to time.
  • Construction Laborer is required to position fixtures and structural components appropriately.
  • Construction Laborer is required to operate cement mixers and other such machines used at the construction sites.
  • Construction Laborer is required to coordinate with his fellow workers in order to carry out various construction tasks.
  • Construction Laborer is required to spray water and other spray material on the building structures in a timely manner.

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