Construction Framer Job Duties

By | August 30, 2012

Construction framer job duties include preparing a skeleton of a construction. These professionals need to assemble the walls, windows and floors of a building. One needs to perform a number of small and big tasks during the course of assembling these parts.

One needs to undergo a training course specializing in the preparation of construction frames and their arrangements in order to become a construction framer. He must also learn the use of different construction tools and equipments. Some clients ask for candidates having a relevant work experience.

Construction Framer Job Duties

  • Construction Framer is required to prepare building frames and fixtures such as floorings, window frames, doors, etc.
  • Construction Framer needs to install these fixtures; be it window frames, doors, flooring, ceiling or any other building fixture these professionals are required to know how to install all these.
  • Construction Framer needs to make use of different construction tools and equipments in order to prepare these frames and fixtures and fix them.
  • Construction Framer is required to ensure safety procedures while working with different tools at various construction sites.
  • Construction Framer needs to cut the building material to give it the desired shape.
  • Construction Framer is required to make use of pencil, ruler and other such items for drawing the frames.
  • Construction Framer needs to understand the client’s requirement related to the frames and fixtures and work accordingly.
  • Construction Framer is required to understand the client’s budget and work as per it.
  • Construction Framer needs to prepare rough frames or drawings and share the same with the client in order to take their approval.
  • Construction Framer may be required to show the designs to the clients several times until it gets approved.
  • Construction Framer needs to remove the unwanted or damaged material after installing the fixtures and give them the required finishing.

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