Construction Foreman Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Construction Foreman Duties

Construction foreman major duty is to check that all the workers at the construction site are working properly and everything is going according to the suggested plan. His duty is to check every phase of the construction site and set a specific goal for everyone who is working on the site. He is one of the most experience men with many skills.

Job duties of Construction Foreman

  • Construction foreman job is to check every aspects of the construction site with the supervisor.
  • Assessing a proper job to an individual at the construction site.
  • Checks that all the workers at the site should have the proper tools to get the specific output.
  • Handling all the workers so that they must perform their work smoothly.
  • Keeping an eye on the target which should meat on time.
  • His job is to take a close look over the security and safety precautions which concerned with the tools, equipments and most importantly with workers.
  • Makes better communication with the supervisors to get a report on the positive and negative impacts.
  • His job is to trained new employees and helps them to understand their task completely.
  • Suggest proper direction to all the workers who are committing mistakes again and again.

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