Construction Estimator Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Construction Estimator Duties

The construction estimator is a professional who estimates the budgets, finance required for the project, resources availability and the salaries or expenses of the workers. The estimator decides the budget of the project and the documentation work of the project. He calculates the resources required and their availability and the salaries of the workers, engineers, technicians, etc. The estimator in short manages the financial aspect of the project and prepares the whole budget of the project. The estimator is required having a good accessibility of preparing budgets and plans for construction. The estimator prepares cost estimates and reports for the residential as well as commercial and municipal projects.

Construction Estimator Job Duties

  • Conducted inspection of project sites to estimate their budgets.
  • Evaluated construction sites to see that they are built following the construction codes and regulations.
  • Supervised blueprints and accessed their implementation
  • Evaluated incoming projects from construction organization.
  • Interacted with the working staff of the project to estimate budgets and resources quantity required for the construction.
  • Estimated manpower, resources required and project costs for the builders.
  • Computed and analyzed cost estimates for materials purchased, labour wages and cost budget of the construction.
  • Determined labor and construction materials requirement and made reports and lists of things needed.
  • Engaged contractors for work evaluation.
  • Examined constructing buildings to gather information on the project.
  • Effective in preparing reports during the stipulated deadlines and timeline.

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