Construction Contractor Job Duties

By | August 30, 2012

Construction Contractor job duties include planning the activities of the construction site in association with the construction manager and project head. He needs to see to it that all the construction tasks are being carried out as per the client’s requirement and budget set by him. Construction Contractor is also required to ensure that all the legal formalities and other documentation related work are complete.

One needs to have a thorough understanding of the construction field and a good amount of experience working in this field in order to become a construction contractor. It is also essential to have good communication skills and supervisory skills for handling the given tasks efficiently.

Construction Contractor Job Duties

  • Construction Contractor is required to meet different clients and understand their construction requirements.
  • Construction Contractor needs to suggest various construction options to the clients based on their requirement and help them in settling for the best available options.
  • Construction Contractor is required to acquire clients by discussing various aspects of the project.
  • Construction Contractor needs to plan the constriction activities in association with the project engineers, construction managers and architects.
  • Construction Contractor needs to discuss the construction design to be used for the building with the construction team.
  • Construction Contractor is required to supervise the construction activities and guide the team on carrying out the duties appropriately.
  • Construction Contractor is required to keep in constant touch with the clients.
  • Construction Contractor needs to be there at the construction site whenever the client wishes to visit; he needs to attend the client and inquire if any changes are required.
  • Construction Contractor is required to provide instructions on making any modifications in the building design or any other construction related task as per the client’s demand.
  • Construction Contractor is required to ensure that only good quality construction material is used by his team.

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