Computer Security Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

A Computer Security or Computer Security Specialist creates computer security awareness amongst the users. His/ Her task is to ensure the security of the computer systems and also to improve the efficiency of server and network. It is essential to have a relevant education qualification and a formal training in the same in order to get into this profession.

Computer Security Job Duties

  • A Computer Security person needs to make plans for protecting computer software, applications and files against unauthorized use or modifications.
  • Analyze the loopholes in the system that can cause harm to various files and applications.
  • Discuss about security issues with the users and make them aware about the necessity of security set ups.
  • Monitor the computer virus reports and analyze the requirement for updating virus protection systems.
  • Ensure timely up-gradation of anti-virus software in the computer systems.
  • Make changes in the security files of the computer in order to add new software, rectify errors or modify the individual access status.
  • Manage the implementation of the computer system plan with vendors as well as in-house staff.
  • Regularly monitor the data files and control access to uphold information in the files
  • Analyze the risk involved and conduct data processing system tests so as to ascertain proper functioning of the data processing activities, maintaining all the security measures
  • Maintain firewalls in order to hide the confidential information
  • Keep a record of the computer security as well as the emergency measures, policies and procedures.
  • Look for any kind of computer security procedure volition and make sure that it is not repeated.

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