Computer Lab Assistant Job Duties

By | January 24, 2014

Computer Lab Assistant job duties are basically assisting the students and other learners in the computer lab. The entire lab centric proceeding are managed and coordinated by Computer Lab Assistant. All the students and learners are supported and detailed about their scheme of operations by the Computer Lab Assistant.

The management and maintenance of the computer lab is also the responsibility of the Computer Lab Assistant and they provide the details about the facility to the students and other visitors. They are the trained professionals about the hardware and software aspect and manage the proper functioning of all the computers in the lab.

Computer Lab Assistant Job Duties

  • The activities of the computer lab is managed and coordinated by a computer lab assistant.
  • They answer all the queries of the students and computer learners coming to their centres.
  • They also coordinate between the learners and the teachers in the lab.
  • The learners are also guided and supported in picking up the best computer learning programme by these computer lab assistants.
  • All the records and usage based time tables about the facility of the lab are also maintained by computer lab assistants.
  • The cleanliness and the maintenance of the lab is also supervised by the computer lab assistants along with offering the safety and security of all the instruments and machines available inside the lab.
  • Computers are kept away from any hazardous conditions under the guidance of these computer lab assistants.
  • All the issues related to the computer usage are solved by computer lab assistants.
  • All the tutors, learners and instructors are supported by these computer lab assistants.
  • All the reports and file management work regarding the lab is also managed and maintained by these computer lab assistants.
  • The secrecy of the lock code of computers used in the lab is also done by these professionals.

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