Computer Engineer Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Computer Engineer Duties

Computer engineer designs both software and hardware including the individual components of any of the computer for better use of it. Computer Engineering has been one of the mostly sought after jobs by many graduates with the vision of having a lucrative profession that can give them wider possibilities for success and development.

Computer Engineer Job Duties

  • Make comprehensive research to aid the development of computers and computer systems
  • Design and develop computers and computer-related equipment with commercial value and practical for people in all walks of life
  • Test and modify the developed computers and their systems of operation to ensure precision and efficiency
  • Organize plans and execute plans accordingly to develop new computer and systems
  • Estimate costs and perceived revenues
  • Supervise and if possible, offer your hands-on experience in the manufacturing and installation of new computer and new systems
  • Develop specialized software that will facilitate a better way of living and an improved system of industry
  • Offer professional help to staff especially the new ones
  • Train older staff for better productive and higher efficiency
  • Work with clients professionally
  • Keep clients updated on the progress of the work

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