Community Pharmacist Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Community Pharmacist Job Duties include preparing the budget and managing the finances of the company he is employed at. He needs to boost the sales to increase the business and at the same time is required to see to it that appropriate medicines are being prescribed and given to the patients. Apart from this there are various other job duties that community pharmacists are required to handle these are discussed below in detail.

Community pharmacists are required to take up jobs in both big and small retail pharmacies. It is essential to possess knowledge about various pharmaceutical products and processes in order to handle this position well.

Community Pharmacist Job Duties

  • Community Pharmacist is involved in preparing the budget and handling the company’s finances.
  • Community Pharmacist is required to work towards increasing the company’s sales.
  • Community Pharmacist needs to work upon enhancing the company’s business by preparing and implementing new policies and procedures.
  • Community Pharmacist is required to stay updated with the latest advancements in the pharmacy practice.
  • Community Pharmacist needs to have a thorough knowledge about the new as well as old drugs available in the market and their dosage.
  • Community Pharmacist is required to dispense the prescribed medicines to the patients.
  • Community Pharmacist needs to see to it that different treatments being given to the patients are compatible.
  • Community Pharmacist is required to ensure that the medicines are supplied appropriately.
  • Community Pharmacist needs to guide during the preparation of various medicines.
  • Community Pharmacist is required to keep a record of the medicines received.
  • Community Pharmacist needs to deal with the suppliers and make transactions with them.
  • Community Pharmacist is required to deal with the doctors.
  • Community Pharmacist needs to provide screening services for patients suffering from diabetes.
  • Community Pharmacist is required to observe the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the patients.

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