Community Development Advisor Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Community Development Advisor Duties

As a Community Development Advisor (CDA) you will be the key relationship manager between Purpose Built Communities and its Network Members.  The primary responsibility of CDA will be to coach and support Network Members so that they can design, plan and implement their initiatives within a stipulated time frame. The position requires excellent oral and written communication skills. You need to have a strong and clear analytical bent of mind with creative problem solving ability and do multi functions.

Job Duties of a Community Development Advisor

  • Your responsibility will be to train and support various lead organizations and see that are able to work to plan and implement the various efforts of your organization. You will also have to provide direction and leadership for the Network Members in strategic and business planning.
  • Work on a temporary basis with those communities seeking to become a Purpose Built Community Network Member to accomplish preliminary projects. Manage the selection review process with potential Network Members and make recommendations to senior staff as to whether a lead organization should be invited to join the Network.
  • You may also assist the Network Members in setting annual goals and objectives of their performance.
  • In addition to this, you will have to evaluate Network Members on the basis of their performance.  During the year and provide them necessary coaching and assistance on how they can improve their outcomes while keeping track on task, time and budget.

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