College Professor Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

College Professor Job Duties include imparting education to the students. They are hired by universities and colleges; however all the teachers hired at these educational institutes are not called professors. In order to get into this position one must have specialization in the subject he intends to teach; a post graduation degree or higher is expected.

College Professor Job Duties

  • College Professors are required to conduct lectures and impart quality education to the students.
  • They are involved in preparing the examination papers and conducting examination.
  • College Professors are required to evaluate the students based on their overall performance during an academic session as well as their examination results.
  • They are expected to be updated with the latest information about their subject so as to be proficient in their field.
  • College Professors may even conduct special workshops on their area of specialization.
  • They are also involved in making various arrangements at different events at the colleges.
  • They may also provide inputs while designing the course curriculum.
  • College Professors are required to come up with newer teaching methods that are more interesting and helpful for the students.
  • They must also involve the students in various other activities in order to help in enhancing their overall personality.
  • College Professors are required to attend meetings and seminars to share ideas and enhance their knowledge about the subject.
  • They must ensure that the students maintain discipline during the college hours.
  • College Professors may also assist the administrative staff in maintaining the college premises by instructing the students about the same.

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