Collection Manager Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Collection Manager Duties

Being a collection manager you need to supervise the collection of financial dues of the organization. You will have to ensure that revenue from purchasers has being collected properly and in a timely manner. Furthermore you must also acquire exceptional managerial, customer service and account management ability to run a successful collection department.

Job Duties of a Collection Manager

  • You will be in charge of the financial collection on behalf of your organization.
  • Your job responsibilities include credit applications review, evaluating customer accounts, assessing credit reports as well as handling escalated offending accounts.
  • You should also manage the flow of your collection department by ensuring all staffs are following the collection polices in line with procedures of the organization.
  • Besides that you will have to guide, manage and coordinate the work flow of collection team and supervise the performance of each assigned area.
  • A collection manager’s job responsibilities also consists of  recommending new employees, developing current training modules, taking the right measures within the department in accordance with the current industry scenario.
  • You will have to take the responsibility in assigning projects to core employees and supervisors.
  • By understanding the departmental requirements and upper management policies to you will have to implement special projects.

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