Club Canteen Manager Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Club Canteen Manager Duties

The primary job duty of the club Canteen Manager will be the proper management of the club’s canteen on the match days and at other events and functions nominated by the Committee.

All duties are to be in conjunction with the General Manager of the Club.

Duties of a Club Canteen Manager

  • You will have to implement canteen tick list for duties to be performed on each day
  • Another important job duty is to review all insurance arrangements prior to the beginning of the season.
  • Your most important job duty will be planning, organizing, and monitoring the day to day operations of the canteen, including the supervision of voluntary workers.
  • You will have to order all food and drink items considered necessary to stock the canteen at the beginning of the season. While ordering for the stock, review the price of all items with the General Manager.
  • You will also have to ensure that the correct food handling and hygiene practices are observed to prevent food spoilage and contamination. Ensure all canteen workers including volunteers are familiar with correct food handling and hygiene practices.
  • You will also have to monitor the sales to ensure that the canteen is not overstocked on certain items.

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