Classroom Assistant Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Classroom Assistant Duties

A classroom assistant helps the instructor in and around the classroom. An assistant may either offer non-instructional or instructional help. Instructional help involves for occasion demonstrating such skills as handicrafts or dancing. On the other hand, Non–instructional helps contain issuing textbooks, pens and reading materials to the students Classroom assistants work beneath the direction and organization of skilled school superintendent and the class teachers.

Job duties of Classroom Assistant

  • Welcoming all the students in the class.
  • Helping the class teacher to organize lessons.
  • Dispensation of the whole knowledge materials.
  • Supporting teachers to distribute trial and coursework.
  • Helping the class teacher to prepare basic teaching aids.
  • Supporting the teachers to maintain the minutes of the students.
  • categorize games and other additional activities
  • Supporting in the implementation of school regulation programs.
  • Providing directions and counseling sessions.
  • Representing such skills as craft creation, picture and dancing.
  • Installing, in commission and preserve such audio-visual gear as projectors, tape recorders and televisions.
  • Gathering payments for class trips from all the students and make sure that they have fulfilled all conditions.
  • Helping teachers in grading tests and examination.
  • Posting work by the students on the notice boards.
  • Cataloging teaching materials.

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