Civil Engineer Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Civil Engineer Job Duties include planning building structures, preparing blueprints for the same and working on the construction projects. One must possess a degree in civil engineering in order to get into this position. Civil Engineers must use their knowledge and ensure that the civil engineering principals are applied at the time of building a structure.

Civil Engineer Job Duties

  • Civil Engineers need to understand the client requirement and start the construction project accordingly.
  • They are required to prepare blueprints looking at the various available options.
  • Civil Engineers may even be required to assess different survey reports and maps while planning a construction project.
  • Civil Engineers may even be involved in selecting the building material or at least check the quality of the already selected material to ensure that the right material is being used.
  • They are required to plan transportation systems keeping in mind the government policies and procedures.
  • Civil Engineers are required to ensure that the project falls under the budget set by the client.
  • They are also required to discuss various designs and show the blueprints to the client before starting with the construction work.
  • Civil Engineers must ensure that the construction workers follow proper safety measures while performing various construction tasks.
  • They need to oversee the project sites and make sure that the work progresses as per the commitment made to the client.
  • Civil Engineers must also see to it that proper designs are being followed.
  • They must also direct various maintenance activities at the construction site.

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