Choir Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Choir Duties

Being a choir member is a joy especially if singing is your greatest passion. A choir is usually related to a church service. But then, the scope of the choir system has expanded to organizations or companies with their employees grouping together to form of group of singers that perform in any and every occasion they may be called for and now there are professional choirs making money with the golden voices that all sound so good together. So then, what are the duties of a choir member or director?

Choir Job Duties

  • Prepare church choir for church services (if it is a church choir)
  • Conduct and lead the choir
  • Train choir members
  • Set time schedule for rehearsals
  • Supervise and lead the rehearsals
  • Research musical pieces that the choir can do and perform
  • Prepare musical pieces for the church service (if it is a church choir)
  • Audition, recruit and train new members
  • Enforce discipline among the members, especially during practice or rehearsal sessions
  • Work closely with other departments or organizations
  • Attend meetings as required
  • Prepare a budget plan for the choir’s activities (if the choir receives any funds) and on the choir’s music, instruments, choir robes or uniforms and sound equipment

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