Chief Financial Officer Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Chief Financial Officer Job Duties include looking after the various accounting practices and financial decisions of the company. He is also involved in planning and drafting the fiscal policy of the company. One must hold a master’s degree in business administration specializing in the field of finance along with years of experience in this field in order to get into this position.

Chief Financial Officer Job Duties

  • Chief Financial Officer is required to monitor all the accounting practices being followed in his companies and gives his inputs incase there is any scope of improvement.
  • He is also involved in the preparation of company budget. He seeks help from his subordinates in the Finance department as well as officials from other departments before coming out with the final draft of budget.
  • Chief Financial Officer is involved in overseeing various activities of the accounts department.
  • He is also required to review the financial reports prepared by his subordinates or may even be involved in the preparation of these reports.
  • Chief Financial Officer also carries out audits to keep a check on the performance.
  • He is required to plan and implement financial strategies and ensure that they are followed to get good results.
  • He is also involved in financial planning and forecasting.
  • Chief Financial Officer suggests investment plans for the company and helps in increasing funds for the business.
  • He is expected to study and analyze the market trends and plan the financial policies and procedures accordingly.
  • Chief Financial Officer needs to evaluate the performance of his subordinates and gives them feedback on the same.

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