Cement Masons Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Cement Masons Duties

The major work of the cement masons is to compact, spread, finish, mix and cure the concrete for the developing tunnels, roads, bridges with the help of the hand tools such as machinery and other basic tools. His job is to make the material which is required for the construction of home or buildings and ensures the appropriate and safe setup of the foundation.

Job duties of Cement Masons

  • Cement Mason’s duty is to mix water, gravel, sand and cement for making the concrete.
  • Cement Mason’s is capable of moving cement from one place to the other using cement pump.
  • He must be capable of operating the latest machines that are used for mixing and making concrete.
  • He must be capable of making various structures, designs and shapes by using hand held tools.
  • Mix and apply the color pigments wherever necessary.
  • He must be capable of monitoring how cold and heat air will affect the concrete and what measures should he take to avoid jamming concrete.
  • Walk with the aggregate stones in sidewalks and walls when it was required.
  • His job includes watering all the cement work once it gets completed.
  • To formulate the concrete beams columns and panels.

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