CDL Driver Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

The drivers who hold a Commercial Driving License is known as a CDL Driver. CDL driver job duties include loading the goods in the truck and driving long miles to deliver them at the given address. This is the main task of a CDL driver however he needs to perform various other tasks during the course of this work which are discussed below in detail. There is no specific educational requirement for getting into this position; one may apply for it even after clearing the high school. However, the candidate needs to know driving and have a commercial driving license and should have attended formal training from a truck driving school in order to practice this profession.

CDL Driver Job Duties

  • CDL Driver is required to load the goods and take them to the destination mentioned by their clients.
  • CDL Driver is required to drive long distance in order to take their goods to the desired destination.
  • CDL Driver mostly needs to drive for hours at a stretch to complete the task assigned to them.
  • CDL Driver is required to take the work orders from the clients. Those who are self employed deal with the main client directly others work for their owners and follow their instructions.
  • CDL Driver is required to ensure that the goods are properly packed and loaded.
  • CDL Driver needs to confirm if there is any breakable item. If there is any, then he is required to ensure that is packed appropriately and placed carefully in the truck so that it does not break while traveling long distance.
  • CDL Driver is required to count the items loaded in the truck and compare it with the list of goods provided to him so that there is no confusion at the time of delivering the goods.
  • CDL Driver needs to help the labor in unloading the truck as it reaches its destination.
  • CDL Driver is required to work for long hours and in erratic shifts.

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