Catering Assistant Job Duties

By | January 23, 2014

Catering Assistant job duties involve ensuring that the catering order from a client for an official, personal or social event is served appropriately ensuring that the food preparation is aligned to the menu and is also completely hygienic and safe in all respects. There are many ad-hoc tasks as well that a catering assistant must take full cognizance of.

These include making sure that right people (like chef & his helpers who are appropriate for the kind of food to be prepared) and the right arrangements of cooking instruments etc. is available at the right time – to be able to cater the prepared food at an optimum temperature and setup to the guests at the event hosted by the client.

Catering Assistant Job Duties

  • Catering assistant try to coordinate and work with other people working in the kitchen to maintain and manage the smooth functioning of the kitchen.
  • All tasks and activities, right from sourcing the material for food preparation, monitoring the same and getting it served to guests of the customer in the right way, is all part of the job responsibilities of a catering assistant.
  • Catering assistant tries to maintain a hygienic atmosphere in the kitchen by cleaning the kitchen along with helping in food preparations.
  • The basic food preparation tasks are also managed by catering assistant and they also help in the organisation of the store room.
  • Washing, peeling and other food preparation works are also coordinated with catering assistant.
  • Collection and disposal of waste in the kitchen is also done by the catering assistant.
  • All the machines in the kitchen are operated and maintained by the catering assistant.
  • They work in coordination with chefs, waters and the restaurant manager for delivering the best in class food in most sophisticated manner.
  • They are the helpers in the kitchen who manage multiple tasks and at the peak hours they try and support chefs in cooking in the kitchen for faster delivery of the orders.

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