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Travel Job Duties

It is not always practicable to go travelling to distant places without a proper guide. Tourists are easily victimised as they are the most vulnerable ones in a strange land without the support of a trustworthy person to help them out in dangers. From finding out a proper place to eat to locating tourist spots,… Read More »

Train Driver Job Duties

The responsibility of a Train Driver is to drive the train and take the passengers safely to their desired destination. A train driver must be highly professional and skilled in his task. In order to become a train driver one needs to possess the license to drive this vehicle. He is required to work in… Read More »

Train Operator Job Duties

Train Operators look after the maintenance and other operations of the train. They are usually hired on a part-time basis. They are assigned different shifts. However, if there is a requirement they may be called at any time during the day or even at night. Before starting with the work, the train operators are given… Read More »

Train Conductor Job Duties

Train Conductors are involved in coordinating and helping the train crew. With the help of a Train Conductor, the tasks of the train crew run smoothly. They usually work in different shifts including the night shifts and carry out the various tasks assigned to them. Train conductors are expected to possess good communication skills to… Read More »

Travel Rep Job Duties

A Travel Rep works in association with the travel agents or travel managers. His task involves assisting the clients before and during their holiday. A candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in order to get into this position. Those who have attended a course in Travel and Tourism certainly stand a better… Read More »

Travel Executive Job Duties

Travel Executives basically assist the travellers with various travel requirements. They make travel as well as accommodation arrangements for their clients. In order to become a Travel Executive, one needs to have a degree or Diploma in Travel and Tourism. One must also possess good communication skills as these are required to deal with the… Read More »

Air Force Job Duties

An Air Force Official is the air arm of the armed forces. There are different Air Force officials who are employed for handling various tasks for running this wing. A person has to undergo various tests in order to work in Air Force. Air Force Job Duties An Air Force official is expected to safeguard… Read More »

Air Traffic Controller Job Duties

An Air Traffic Controller oversees the aircrafts and other air traffic. He is involved in managing various activities in order to ensure that the air traffic moves safely and smoothly. After a candidate is hired, he is given formal training on handling all the job responsibilities. Air Traffic Controller Job Duties An Air Traffic Controller… Read More »

Travel Administrator Job Duties

A Travel Administrator is required to make arrangements for a traveller’s transportation and accommodation. A person seeking this position must hold a degree or diploma in travel and tourism and have a thorough knowledge about the subject. It is also essential to hold a relevant experience in this field in order to become a Travel… Read More »

Aircraft Log Clerk Job Duties

An Aircraft Log Clerk is required to keep a track of the usage and the time interval between the assessment and maintenance of a selected airplane part. He is expected to carry out various other activities as well. A candidate is given formal training in the same before beginning with the work. Aircraft Log Clerk… Read More »