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Logistics Coordinator Job Duties

A logistics coordinator is responsible for actively interacting with clients and coordinating the entire process of transportation. He is basically the link between the client, operational departments and courier agents. He is required to maintain a quality assurance check and ensure that the deadlines are met in a cost effective manner. He also assists clients… Read More »

Warehouse Worker Job Duties

A warehouse worker is an individual who has to receive, store, document and deliver materials and products in the warehouse. They sometimes have to place shipping orders of products to the customers. It is the responsibility of the warehouse worker to ensure proper transportation of the good from the warehouse and they should possess good… Read More »

Traffic Coordinator Job Duties

Traffic coordinator job duties involve updating the records, status reports, creating and maintaining status reports etc. This will help the employee, to get involved in talent and resource management skills. A traffic coordinator should possess a bachelor’s degree in any stream or business administration degree. The traffic coordinator is also required to do administration activities,… Read More »

Transportation Job Duties

There are various types of jobs in the transportation sector and in order to perform well, you must be aware of the job duties involved with each of these positions. If you go through this section, you can get a clear idea of the job duties of some of the positions of the transportation sector.… Read More »

Valet Driver Job Duties

Valet Driver job duties include driving the passengers within a location. These drivers are mostly hired by big restaurants, hotels and even at certain shopping malls for parking the cars of their guests. There is no special degree course that one needs to pursue in order to get into this position. One just requires a… Read More »

Shuttle Driver Job Duties

Shuttle Driver Job Duties include picking up passengers and dropping them to their desired places while the passengers’ own vehicles are being serviced at the workshops or service stations. A Shuttle Driver must deal politely with the passengers and give them the required pick and drop service. There is no particular degree course that one… Read More »

Tow Truck Driver Job Duties

Tow Truck Driver Job Duties include dealing with the dispatchers, taking the truck to the places where vehicle breakdowns or accidents have taken place, attaching the vehicles to the truck and towing them to the workshop, junkyard or the place defined by the vehicle owners. There are various other tasks that a Tow truck driver… Read More »

Forklift Driver Job Duties

Forklift Driver Job Duties include lifting and moving heavy material from one place to another with the help of forklift. These professionals must have a sound knowledge of operating the forklift to clear the way. There is no specific educational requirement for getting into this position; a candidate may apply for it even after clearing… Read More »

CDL Driver Job Duties

The drivers who hold a Commercial Driving License is known as a CDL Driver. CDL driver job duties include loading the goods in the truck and driving long miles to deliver them at the given address. This is the main task of a CDL driver however he needs to perform various other tasks during the… Read More »

Shipper Job Duties

Shippers are required to maintain a record of all the goods that have been shipped and received. In order to get into this position one needs to have a graduation degree. One must also have knowledge about working on computers and be efficient in handling other office equipments. The organization that hires a Shipper provides… Read More »