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Telecommunication Job Duties

Telecommunications is fast catching up with the population in all the places owing to its vast coverage and demands of the information age. The invention of wireless and satellite telecom services has opened up a new era and has almost revolutionized the world. The emotional and social ramifications of such an event include today’s colossal… Read More »

Transportation Security Inspector Job Duties

A Transportation Security Inspector is expected to maintain the security for various transportation systems. These may include the security at railways, airports, bus stands, seaports and highways. Their responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of the transportation infrastructure. A Transportation Security Inspector needs to remain alert at all times and help in avoiding… Read More »

Radio Operator Job Duties

A Radio Operator performs several activities such as communicating with people in the ships, aircrafts, mining crews and several other places via radio equipments. They test the new equipments and see to it that they are working fine. A Radio Operator handles various other activities related to operating and managing the radio. A formal training… Read More »

Telemarketing Job Duties

A Telemarketing executive explains about the products and services being offered by his company to the customers. This interaction is done over the phone. A Telemarketing executive must have good communication skills and should be able to put across his point well. He must also have a thorough knowledge and understanding about the product and… Read More »

Telecommunications Specialist Job Duties

A Telecommunication specialist processes and audits the company’s telecommunication invoices. He also administers wireless device and is involved in various other telecommunication activities. It is essential to have a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication engineering or electronics in order to become a telecommunication specialist. Employers give preference to those having a relevant work experience. Telecommunications Specialist… Read More »

Telecom Sales Job Duties

The telecom industry is the sector which is responsible for supply of various modes of communications all around the globe. The products provided through this industry include various forms of video, voice or internet communications. Those in the telecom sales segment are like any other retails seller or sales representatives. These workers are responsible for… Read More »

Telecom Accounts Manager Job Duties

The telecom industry deals in the various telecommunication services such as the internet, the radio, telephone services, and all services relating to other modes of communications. Since accounts are a critical part of any business, the telecom accounts managers (like in any sector) are those employees who handle the financial accounts of the respective firm… Read More »

Telecom Business Analyst Job Duties

A business analyst is the person who is capable of analyzing the respective business, its structure, its design and all other relevant aspects of the organization. In the telecom industry where the major commodities are the telecommunication services like radio, telephone services, the internet service and all related modes, the business analyst will be required… Read More »

Telecom Project Coordinator Job Duties

Every firm in any industry or segment has to undertake various projects for sustained growth. The firm/ business are thus needed to employ a project coordinator for each of the projects they undertake, and this coordinator must meet a varied number of tasks assigned to him/ her. The telecom industry spreads across a wide segment… Read More »

Telecommunications Manager Job Duties

The telecom industry is a very important part of today’s world and any firm which operates in this segment needs proper management. The managers thus assigned should be able to help the firm function smoothly and survive in the competitive market. The industry includes the services which are related to the communication network such as… Read More »