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Laser Technician Job Duties

Laser Technician is one who handles laser technology in variety of industries. They are responsible for all the aspects associated with laser machines like testing, calibrating, troubleshooting and maintaining of the devices. They can work in various industries like government jobs, hospitals and manufacturing sector. Depending upon the exact location of the work laser technician… Read More »

Instrument Technician Job Duties

Instrument Technician is engaged in the maintenance of the instruments in an industry or manufacturing unit. Instruments and machines have a major role in the functionality of any sector and these instruments require expertise handling to avoid any damage or repair. Thus instrument technicians are the trained professionals who ensure the appropriate functioning of these… Read More »

Optical Technician Job Duties

Optical Technician is involved in assisting the clients with the removal, insertion and maintenance of the contact lenses. They work with ophthalmologists and assist clients in selecting the appropriate lenses according to their style and colour preferences. They must also know how to use measuring devices to take the accurate measure of the lens size… Read More »

Nuclear Technician Job Duties

A nuclear technician is one who is entrusted with the responsibility of working in the field of nuclear research and production. The job involves working and assisting engineers, physicists and other professionals who are operating in the field of nuclear science. The role of nuclear technician includes monitoring of the radiation levels, assisting professionals involve… Read More »

Field Technician Job Duties

A field technician job involves testing the machines and instruments at the client’s site. The job of this candidate includes maintaining, repairing, and calibrating various instruments and equipments for the appropriate functioning of the machines. The major role and responsibility of this profile is to maintain the machines so that the maximum output can be… Read More »

Hospital Pharmacy Technician Job Duties

A hospital pharmacy technician is one who provides accurate medicines to the patients according to the prescription. The job of a hospital pharmacist is very critical as it requires management and maintenance of the bulk medicine orders, providing the medicines to the patients according to their prescriptions and offering customer service to the patients. The… Read More »

Nail Technician Job Duties

Nail Technician Job Duties include conducting nail, foot and hand treatments. These professionals must have a sound knowledge about performing various nail treatments. They must also know how to provide massages on foot and hand. Though there is no specific degree required for this profession, it is recommended to undergo a training program that is… Read More »

IT Technician Job Duties

IT Technician job duties include installing, maintaining and repairing the computer systems. They work on hardware as well as software parts of the computer systems. IT Technicians are also involved in the maintenance and setting up of the computer networks. It is essential to acquire a relevant technical degree and a sound technical knowledge in… Read More »

Quality Control Technician Job Duties

Quality Control Technician Job Duties mainly include checking the production material and ensuring that it meets the quality standards. He needs to see to it that there is no defect in the material being used to manufacture goods and also that the end product is of good quality. Apart from this the quality control technician… Read More »

Optometric Technician Job Duties

Optometric technician job duties include assisting the optometrists in performing various tasks such as studying the patient’s case history and maintaining a record of the same, scheduling appointments, bookkeeping, maintaining patient’s files and handling many other tasks which are discussed below in detail. It is essential to acquire a relevant degree in this field and… Read More »