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Security Job Duties

Security job duties involve protection of our possessions against damage, burglary or theft. Such security jobs include keeping a watch on those patrons who are behaving in a disruptive manner. Security professionals do face a lot of challenges and had to take proper measures for performing their job duties successfully. Few of their essential, yet… Read More »

Hotel Security Job Duties

Hotel Security Job Duties include maintaining the security of the hotel premises. Hotel Security needs to be alert at all times. These professionals need to keep an eye on all the guests who check in and check out of the hotel. They also need to check the luggage being taken in and out of the… Read More »

Hospital Security Job Duties

Hospital Security Job Duties include guarding the hospital premises to ensure the safety and security of the place. There is no specific educational requirement for this position. A candidate having just a high school diploma can also apply for this job. However, it is recommended to undergo training in self defense if you are aiming… Read More »

IT Security Job Duties

IT Security job duties mainly include preparing plans for maintaining the security of computer systems and programs. One is required to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information technology and a good amount of work experience in this field in order to get into this position; having a master’s degree in the same acts as an… Read More »

Security Analyst Job Duties

Security Analyst Job Duties include handling the data security of the company he is employed at. One is required to pursue a relevant degree and possess some work experience in this field in order to get into this position. It is essential to have good analytical skills and an eye for detail in order to… Read More »

Front Desk Security Job Duties

Front Desk Security Job Duties include providing security at the front line. Front Desk Security mostly includes guards at the front gates or check in counters. These security officials are the first ones to meet the visitors and conduct their security checks. A front desk security must have a good physical stamina. This position is… Read More »

Campus Security Job Duties

A Campus Security official is hired to ensure security in the school or college campus. These officials make use of a number of methods in order to safeguard the campus area. A person is expected to have a high school diploma or equivalent in order to get this job. However, most organizations ask for a… Read More »

Security Dispatcher Job Duties

A Security Dispatcher’s job is to dispatch work crews, equipments or workers. He/She generally makes use of computers, radios or telephones for conveying information regarding assignments. These modes are used even while reporting about the work. A Security dispatcher is expected to have a high school diploma at least. Those with a relevant work experience… Read More »

Social Security Job Duties

Social security refers to having protection against socially recognised conditions such as poverty, old age, disability of any kind or unemployment. A person belonging to a sector of governmental services which are responsible for providing social security to individuals has a number of job duties associated with his/her job profile. This job involves services such… Read More »

Cyber Security Job Duties

A Cyber Security specialist is a part of the IT team. He/She is involved in risk management and the overall cyber security of the organization. In order to become a Cyber Security specialist one must have relevant educational qualification. An experience in this field is an added advantage as most employers prefer hiring experienced Cyber… Read More »