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Retail Sales Assistant Job Duties

Retail Sales Assistant is one who provides assistance to the customers during the shopping. Some of the other activities that a retail sales assistant undertakes are maintenance of the records of inventory on the counters, billing for the products and arranging the products in the store etc. Retail Sales assistant must have a friendly attitude… Read More »

Security Coordinator Job Duties

A security coordinator is an employee of a company who is responsible for coordinating and supervising the security related activities of a company and helps to develop various security programs and plans. Any employee who is employed at the position of a security coordinator is required to identify the additional resources which are needed by… Read More »

Ground Security Coordinator Job Duties

A ground security coordinator is an individual who works for an authority such as an airport or a ship port so as to coordinate the various security related activities of the staff. A ground security coordinator is required to oversee all the procedures regarding security and safety which are being carried out on the ground… Read More »

Computer Security Specialist Job Duties

A computer security specialist is an employee of a company who is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the security measures which are required to prevent unverified authorization and disclosure of computer information and important data. A computer security specialist has to work in such a way that maximum computer data and digital security can… Read More »

Transportation Security Officer Job Duties

A transportation security officer is an offer who is employed at some kind of a transportation facility such as an airport, metro station, railway station or bus station etc and is responsible for checking and inspecting the passengers, their baggage, cargos etc to ensure that no one or no item or suspicious nature enters the… Read More »

Chief Security Officer Job Duties

There are two types of chief security officers-the first type provides physical security to a company or an important person/group and the second type is required to ensure digital security of a company’s confidential data etc. In certain cases, a chief security officer might be required to provide both these types of securities and hence… Read More »

Car Sales Manager Job Duties

A car sales manager is an individual who has been appointed by a car seller or reseller to sell new or used cars to customers. A car sales manager’s job is to tell all the details of the cars to the prospective customers so that they can make their decision about purchasing the car. Any… Read More »

Hotel Sales Manager Job Duties

The role of a hotel sales manager is vital and very important for the success of any hotel. A hotel sales manager is an individual who is responsible for managing, directing and administering the sales duties and department of a hotel. He/she is responsible for ensuring that the sales strategies are being implemented properly and… Read More »

Hotel Sales Coordinator Job Duties

A hotel sales coordinator is an individual who works at a hotel in the sales department and tries to increase or raise the sales revenue earned by the hotel. The main aim of a hotel sales coordinator is to apply sales strategies that would pull the maximum number of clients to the hotel and thereby… Read More »

Sales Support Manager Job Duties

A sales department of a company needs an employee who provides support and management services not only to the department but also the company as a whole. An employee performing this role is called a sales support manager. A Sales support manager is an individual who is involved in the hiring and recruitment process of… Read More »