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Retail Sales Assistant Job Duties

Retail Sales Assistant is one who provides assistance to the customers during the shopping. Some of the other activities that a retail sales assistant undertakes are maintenance of the records of inventory on the counters, billing for the products and arranging the products in the store etc. Retail Sales assistant must have a friendly attitude… Read More »

Retail Sales Associate Job Duties

A retail sales associate is responsible for attending to the guests of the retail outlet in order to sell the products displayed in the store. They are first point of contact for the customers visiting the retail store. A retail sales associate is responsible for the profit of the retail outlet as they responsible for… Read More »

Retail Job Duties

Retail is a very upcoming business as more and more shopping malls are being built and hence the industry needs a huge numbers of workforce to sustain that growth. In this sector, if you want to do well, you must have a clear concept about the job duties involved in that position as that will… Read More »

Retail Stocker Job Duties

Retail Stocker job duties include receiving the merchandise from the suppliers, sorting it and arranging it systematically so that it is available for use whenever required. Retail Stockers are required in almost every industry. They need to stock both perishable as well as non perishable items depending upon the industry they are working with. It… Read More »

Retail Supervisor Job Duties

Retail Supervisor job duties include supervising the staff at the retail store and working towards increasing the sales and boosting the business of the store. He is also involved in hiring the retail store staff, giving them training sessions on handling various tasks, testing their knowledge and evaluating their performance. It is recommended to pursue… Read More »

Retail Associate Job Duties

Retail Associate Job Duties mainly include assisting the customers by providing them the required items, arranging the items systematically on the store shelf and working towards increasing the store’s sales. Apart from this, there are various other job duties that a retail associate is required to handle; these are mentioned below in detail. A retail… Read More »

Retail Store Clerk Job Duties

Retail Store clerk job duties include selling merchandise to the customers visiting their retail store. There are a number of other job duties that he is required to handle; these are mentioned below in detail. He is required to work under the guidance of a retail store manager. The hierarchy in certain bigger retail stores… Read More »

Sales Retail Job Duties

Sales Retail job duties include helping the customers in locating the goods they are looking for and convincing them to purchase those goods. There are a number of other tasks that a sales retail professional is required to handle; these are discussed below in detail. These professionals are employed at retail stores. They must have… Read More »

Payroll Job Duties

Payroll Duties We all work because we need to – to support all our basic needs with the money we earn. In every industry or organization, especially where there are so many employees or workers who get paid on a specified time of the month, someone needs to take care of how much each one… Read More »

Deputy Retail Facilities Manager Job Duties

Deputy Retail Facilities Manager Duties You will have to oversee the daily inspections of the entire retail area and supervise the cleaning, maintenance and the different security activities. Your basic responsibility will be to see that all the areas of the retail outlet are clean and hygienic. You will have to report to the Retail… Read More »