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Pharmaceutical Job Duties

Pharmaceutical is another very upcoming profession and one can get various types of work in this career line. One must remember that he must have a clear idea about his job duties as that will help to clear any confusion in the minds of the candidate and also the employer. If you go through this… Read More »

Community Pharmacist Job Duties

Community Pharmacist Job Duties include preparing the budget and managing the finances of the company he is employed at. He needs to boost the sales to increase the business and at the same time is required to see to it that appropriate medicines are being prescribed and given to the patients. Apart from this there… Read More »

Inpatient Pharmacist Job Duties

Inpatient Pharmacist is required to work under the guidance of a licensed pharmacist. He is employed at hospitals/ nursing home/ clinics. Inpatient Pharmacist job duties include filling and processing the medical prescriptions of the patients and attend to the patients admitted to the hospital/ nursing home. The certification requirement of an Inpatient pharmacist may vary… Read More »

Forensic Scientist Job Duties

Forensic scientist job duties include investigating and providing scientific evidences for various cases being fought in the courts. He is basically involved in studying the contact trace stuff linked with the criminal cases. This field has advanced over the past few years owing to the advancements in the technology; the methods of conducting investigation and… Read More »

Nuclear Pharmacist Job Duties

Nuclear Pharmacist Job Duties include managing the radioactive materials which are utilized by the nuclear medicine technologists in nuclear medicines. Nuclear medicines are used to cure patients suffering from different kinds of health problems. In order to become a nuclear pharmacist one needs to pursue a relevant degree in pharmacy from an accredited university. It… Read More »

Clinical Pharmacist Job Duties

Clinical Pharmacist Job Duties include dealing with the physicians and providing them information regarding the health problems that certain drugs may cause. He is also required to deal with the pharmacy technicians who are involved in preparing and labeling various medicines. It is essential to acquire a degree in Pharmacy or a Doctor Pharmacy Degree… Read More »

Pharmacy Intern Job Duties

Pharmacy Intern Job Duties include dispensing prescriptions, weighing the medicinal ingredients, measuring the doses, processing the ingredients in the prescription and handling various other similar tasks under the guidance of his mentor. He is required to help the pharmacists in handling different tasks and learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge about this field to… Read More »

Retail Pharmacy Technician Job Duties

Retail Pharmacy technician job duties include reading the prescriptions and ensuring that the information provided in them is appropriate. He is required to maintain the essential security for drugs. Retail Pharmacy also needs to fill the bottles with medicines and label them appropriately and handle a number of similar tasks. It is essential to possess… Read More »

Hospital Pharmacy Job Duties

Hospital Pharmacy Job Duties include ensuring that the medicines are stocked well for the use of the patients admitted in the hospital. There are various other job duties that a hospital pharmacy needs to handle such as maintaining the record of the medicines that are purchased from suppliers and those sold to the patients, seeing… Read More »

Pharmacy Assistant Job Duties

Pharmacy Assistant job duties include helping the pharmacists and the pharmacy technicians in carrying out various tasks such as ensuring that the shelves are properly stocked, dealing with the patients and providing them the prescribed medicines, maintaining record of the prescriptions received from the patients, etc. Pharmacy Assistant needs to have knowledge about performing various… Read More »